Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack
Wound Cube™ - Training Pack

Wound Cube™ - Training Pack

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 One cube for every two students - repetition is how you create muscle memory.

Our Re-Designed Wound Cube™ wound simulator has five large usable wound patterns designed into a transparent soft silicone cube.

The Wound Cube™ was designed to increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control. Our design allows for more effective training in any classroom setting.

Over the last two years we have collected feedback from hundreds of trainers and students. Our Cube has been completely redesigned with all those comments in mind.

Category: Wound Packing Trainer

  • Wet or Dry training device - master the basics
  • Semi-transparent
  • 3x Gunshot Wounds - Flat, Large, and XL
  • 2x Large Lacerations
  • Realistic Tissue Loss
  • Realistic Tissue Density
  • Compact Design (No wasted space)
  • Durably built
  • Affordable
  • Blood simulant can be used with this product for added realism

    Each Cube comes with

    • 1x Frog Gauze™

    Material: Non-Toxic Silicone

    Size: 4 x 4 x 4

    Wt: 2.5 lbs

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    We strive to create products that will last a lifetime. As we continue this journey, we are continuously modifying and improving our production and processes. If you experience any production flaws or construction issues, please contact us immediately.

    What are the Lifetime Guarantee details?

    Phokus Research Group guarantees the Wound Cube™, Wound Tube™, and Wound Club™ wound simulators to be free of manufacturer defects and to last a lifetime if used and cared for properly. Should a Wound Cube™, Wound Tube™, and Wound Club™ wound simulator not meet Phokus Research Group’s standard of quality at the time it is received, or if it wears out from regular use under normal conditions, we will replace the product. Damage resulting from improper handling or care, post-purchase modifications, alterations, negligence, and use for a purpose other than for which it was designed, are not covered by the Phokus Research Group Guarantee.

    Acceptable Criteria Covered Under the Guarantee:

    ◊ Extreme Surface imperfections, such as gouges, slices or divots found at the time of purchase before use

    ◊ Worn out, blow out, torn or peeling inside or outside surface from regular use

    ◊ Wound Simulators purchased after September 1, 2019

    Unacceptable Criteria Not Covered Under the Guarantee:

    ◊ Stains, or discoloration from use

    ◊ Tears in the body of silicone caused when using it as a doorstop or tire wedge. (USN)

    ◊ Damage from throwing your wound simulator at a friend (USMC)

    ◊ Improper cleaning i.e., harsh chemicals, damage from a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. (USA)

    ◊ Damage from use other than bleeding control training

    ◊ Damage from outside elements or factors

    ◊ Wound Simulators purchased before September 1, 2019

    ◊ Wound Simulators marked as "2nd’s" at the time of purchase 

    ◊ Wound Cube™, Wound Tube™, and Wound Club™ wound simulators purchased through resellers or third parties are not included under the Lifetime Guarantee.

    If you would like to request a replacement, please contact us via the contact information listed here and include an image of your device. Phokus will review the submission, determine if the device falls under our Lifetime Guarantee criteria, and provide further instruction.  You will receive a response to your inquiry within two business days.

    For more information on returns and exchanges unrelated to the Wound Cube™, Wound Tube™, and Wound Club™ wound simulators warranty, please see our Returns and Exchanges Section.


    How do I clean and disinfect Cubes during and after training?

    All Phokus SIM Products can be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines. Instructors should carefully follow all recommendations and the products used to clean / disinfect are appropriate and will not damage it. While the risk of infection from Wound Packing training is very low, it can be further minimized by using proper cleaning and disinfection procedures.

    If students are sharing Cubes during class:

    Between each student, encourage vigorous wiping of Cube with a Disinfectant Wipes or a comparable disinfecting product.

    After class:

    Scrub and wipe the Cubes with either Clorox®-type disinfecting wipes or similar. Leave wiped surfaces wet with the solution for 10 minutes. Internal surfaces can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol which will both decontaminate surfaces and aid in drying.

    As disinfection protocols change, stay up-to-date by viewing current CDC guidelines.

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