Our Story

Muscle Memory with Tactile Reinforcement

Effective Wound Packing Simulation

The leading cause of preventable death after an injury is massive bleeding. Crime, accidents, and natural disasters occur without warning. Without adequate training, immediate responders don’t have the necessary skills to prevent those deaths. 

The Wound Cube™ was designed to address a prevalent issue in medical training. All too often students receive hours of lecture and inadequate hands-on practice. Better training methods are needed to develop the wound packing skills necessary for saving lives when disaster strikes. 

The primary objective in designing the Wound Cube™ was to create something affordable enough that every student can spend at least 30 minutes or 6-10 attempts packing and repacking various types of wounds. This is the only way to establish the tactile reinforced muscle memory needed to successfully stop bleeding and save a life. 

Phokus Research is a team of innovative and passionate individuals with extensive trauma training and real world experience. They designed the Wound Cube™ to meet several crucial standards in order to provide complete and effective training. It’s realistic, versatile, and truly affordable enough for every student because it will never wear out or take damage from repeated use. Instructors can see students packing through the translucent material and provide valuable feedback.

Our mission is to realize wound packing as common as CPR and first aid, with well-trained heroes in every school, church, police department, fire department, and medical facility. By getting Wound Cubes™ into the hands of Bleeding Control students, we can stem the flow of blood loss deaths across the country and around the world.