First Experience Friendly© training devices for bleeding control.

The leading cause of preventable death after an injury is massive bleeding. Our mission is to help people save lives with a state of the art wound packing trainer. The Wound Cube™ did not just raise the standard but advanced the technology in ways you never imagined possible.

Wound Cube™

Increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control. The Wound Cube™ has five large wound patterns designed into a compact and transparent soft silicone cube.


Wound Tube™

Upper Arm wound simulator with an actual bleeding gunshot wound. The transparent Wound Tube™ includes a bleeding Brachial Artery running along an anatomically correct Humerus Bone.


Wound Club™

Shoulder and Upper arm 2 in 1 wound simulator with five realistic wound patterns and one actual bleeding gunshot Wound Cube™ and Tube combo.



Start Training More Effectively

The Wound Cube™ is the best training aid for your school, church, fire department, police department, or home. Give your students every advantage available.

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Advanced Materials and Benchmark Designs equal Better Training. Guaranteed for Life

Wound Cube™ advantages


▫️First Experience Friendly©, clear silicone provides a less graphic introduction for first time students

▫️See-through material allows 360° viewing during training

▫️Proper treatment techniques are easily seen and quickly understood by students

▫️Durable enough to withstand thousands of uses

▫️Lifetime Guarantee


▫️Five wound patterns - one compact training aid

▫️Three Gunshot Wounds and Two Lacerations

▫️No Rolling or Sliding on the table

▫️Can be used Wet or Dry

▫️Lightweight and easy to travel with


2:1 Classroom Ratio

▫️2:1 ratio of students to wound trainers give your class more practice

▫️6-10 wound packs per student per class

▫️Talking isn’t teaching, and Listening isn't learning.

▫️Muscle memory with Tactile reinforcement is learning

▫️The confidence to act is crucial to save a life

Soft and Durable

Lifetime Guarantee

If your wound simulator ever breaks, we’ll fix it or replace it.

Fun Fact: Over 20,000 sold, 0 have been returned for breaking.

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I run the Active Shooter Program for our agency and have incorporated the wound cubes and TECC into the training utilizing the crawl, walk, run. We crawl with the cube, walk with the wet training on real meat, and then the IStan for full simulation. The cube helps us fix packing problems before we get into the meat packing and the full IStan simulations thus preventing mistakes that will cause a failure and or bleed out in the field.

TSA - NJ on Feb 11, 2019

I really enjoy how robust the cube is, there has been no change in the shape, contours or outer edges of any of the pack-able wounds even after heavy public use.

This is also a great device for our large scale public event STB demo's when dealing with kids and people who don't like the sight of wounds and blood. A lot of kids engage in the training than they did with out wound leg.

Overall, I am more than happy with the product and look forward to getting approval to buy more.

Kyle Rice on Mar 05, 2020

The see through Wound Cubes™ makes my job as an instructor so much easier. I can immediately see if students are properly packing wounds. The Wound Cube™ and the Wound Club™ are by far the best training equipment I use in teaching NAEMT’s B-Con. My students were able to pack multiple types of wounds and immediately see how they are doing. They are very cost effective. In 33 years as a Firefighter/ EMT, this is one of the best training tools I’ve ever used. Keep up the Great Work! Thank You.

Chris Houk on Feb 12, 2020